Saturday, November 28.

Woke this morning to heavy rain, so elected to have a quite day catching up on diary and reading. We were both actually exhausted from looking at computer screens. 

Sunday, November 29.

Today we are off to Billund to catch up with Andrew at Lego. We are going via Mogeltonder, Osterby and Daler.

First stop was Mogeltonder, where we wanted to look in the church  





 where supposedly my great, great grandparents were married. The inside is just amazing. 






  The Royal pews.
















 Just so happens that this is also the Royal church, as Prince Joachim and Princess Marie, Mary’s in laws, live in their castle. 

The moat.



  Front gate. 



  It sits at the end of the Main Street in the prettiest street in Denmark, with some cute houses. 

Given that 530 people live here it is an amazing place.

Next off to Osterby, where supposedly my great, great grandparents lived. It is a very small place situated in farming land , about 3kms from our last town. 

We then moved on to Daler about 2kms away. 









These were in the wall of the church beside the front door.











Windmill built in 1837 and still used today.  








  We have noticed that the villages all seem very English, and when you consider that there has been continuous travel between England and Scandinavia for centuries, it is easy to see why. 

Leaving Daler we headed for Billund, 60kms up the road. Andrew had text us to say his flight out of London Central was delayed. 

Arrived in Lego city at 3.50 and found the Lego Hotel. Parked Myrtle, booked in and had a shower while we waited for Andrew.  







Hotel foyer.








 His flight finally landed at 5.50 after an aborted take off and severe turbulence over the North Sea. He said at one stage he woke up to screams and the aircraft falling. 

Andrew sorted on the room across the hall we headed our to a local pizza restaurant for dinner. As we are leaving the hotel the receptionist says they are expecting a hurricane. So Andrew grabs an umbrella. Edit

Wind outside was horizontal and light rain. Managed to make it to out restaurant. While we were there the Windows kept flexing, they could not open the front door and when we walked outside after dinner there were roof tiles all over the street. 

Made it safely back to the hotel where we settled into the bar for a couple of quiet ones and talked about old times, of which there are many.  


2 thoughts on “TONDOR TO BILLUND -DAYs 9 & 10

  1. Great time for you, Gary finding your roots! Why all the flag poles at street level? And we see that you’re driving on the left of the road… when did that change?
    That church was magnificent! Who painted the ceiling?
    we were intrigued by the red-back spiders… thought that they were only Australian!
    That storm must have been a surprise, for you have had good weather so far.
    Keep well.


    1. They are very patriotic and it is a Royal town. Photos were taken while we were walking. Do not know who painted the ceilings in the church. 500 years old. Red backs are everywhere in Lego land. Storm was terrible.


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