Friday, November 27.

Another quiet morning and then we headed to the museum. What an amazing place.

Roman coffin covers.

 Artists impression of a horse.   

 TONDOR in 1840.
This is  amazing. Styled on the Pantheon, the acoustics are anazing.

Guard from the goal.


Prisoner carvings on the wall. Yes there is a Peter Nielsen but not ours.😳😳



Examples of tiles manufactured here. These are 200 years old.

  Amazing furniture.

  Hope you like chairs. These are all by Wagner.  

Hedge outlines the old castle.

  The town from the top of the tower.

The inside of the tower.


Tools of the trade.

Doll collection.


Today is Black Friday. Biggest sales of the year take place today.


2 thoughts on “TONDOR – DAY 8

  1. Enjoyed the chairs! Very minimalist and the woven bases! We are only 6 hours behind you now… BUT, where are the chimneys? How are the houses heated? Is this still Tondor? Seems to have got bigger…
    Keep well and Safe!


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