Monday, November 30.
Breakfast, Andrew must still be on UK time. Su went to wake him. All sorted, breakfast done, we check out and head to the Lego Museum for s private tour. These are in the hotel.

Arrive at the museum and spend the next two hours looking at the history of Lego. What an amazing place.

  Statue made of Lego parts.  
World patent for the brick.

For a man who was a broke carpenter, making wooden toys, he certainly has made an impact. Lego profits have grown at an average of 12% for the last 20 years. Would not mind some shares.

Leaving here we wandered back to collect Myrtle and head out to the staff store.  

Just as an aside, there are 7,500 people living in Billund and 6,000 work for Lego. Lego even built the airport which is the second largest in Denmark. This is the new Lego House, to house all their displays on one building. 

  Some of the damage from last night.  
Staff store was closed, but we left a list with Andrew. Dropped him off at his office and we headed back to TONDOR via Ribe, where we were hoping to look at the Viking Centre. It was closed when we arrived but we went for a wander through anyway. 

After resting for a couple of hours, we wandered into town for dinner before retiring.


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