Thursday, November 26. 

Quiet morning, Su catching up on diary and Gaz going for a much needed haircut. I then went for a wander through the streets of the village looking at the buildings. Given that most places we have stopped in lately weed cities, it is a pleasant change to wander through a village, especially when it is where our ancestors gave come from.


This looks familiar.
Church steeple with four clock faces.
Note how high the sun is not, and this is 11.00am.
These are everywhere.
  Back to Myrtle and collected Su for afternoon session at the library. After four hours looking at a computer screen, one needs a refreshment. Off to the Victoria Restaurant for dinner and drinks. 

Dinner over we headed back to Myrtle to look for more dead people. Computer would not let us into the site so watched a video belonging to SJ. 

3 thoughts on “TONDOR -DAY 7

  1. Tondor looks like a nice town, but we can’t see many cars, or people, or where the cars would be parked at the houses, Discuss!
    Also , where are the TV antenna and satellite dishes?
    Enjoy digging up dead people!!! And still our thanks!
    Keep well and happy!


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