Wednesday, November 25.

Quite morning this morning and then headed into town to the archives at the library for a four hour session. The sun is shining, after a night if rain. 

 On the way we passes this garage which has dome interesting old vehicles in the showroom. 

Soft top Morris 1000.
An old Opel saloon.
A Fiat two door cabroliet.
After four hours looking at a computer, we came outside and it was pitch black. Well it is 5.00pm.  

At least the moon is out. Grabbed some groceries and stopped at a restaurant in the square for dinner,  



 before heading home to sort out today’s information. This looking up dead people is exhausting and thirsty work. We think we are making headway though.


One thought on “TONDOR – DAY 5

  1. Nice looking dessert… hard work, but someone’s got to do it! Genealogy , I mean!
    Enjoy your trip, ‘cos we are!
    Keep well and safe,


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