Tuesday, November 24. 

Spent most of the day in the archives at the library researching family history. They were very helpful with our enquiries. Have made some headway, but need to do some cross checking before letting the cat out of the bag. 

After the archives we had a bite to eat and then headed to the lace museum. It contained more than lace, with furniture and porcelain works from two to three centuries ago.

Amazing what you can do with lace.

  Now this is what you call a pipe.   
Carving work on the top a wardrobe.

Garden at the rear which has been recreated in lace.  

What to do with a spare lift. Turn it into a lace school.

 Dinner a a couple of quiet ales before returning to Myrtle to do some googling, before heading back to the archives tomorrow.

Some of the Christmas lights on the way back. 


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