Sunday, November 22.

Woke this morning to snow and a chilly wind . Decision was made not to venture out in the weather. Spent the day in the camp ground recreational room catching up on paperwork and reading. 

Monday, November 23.

Walked into town, all of 400metres, crossing this lovely river. The houses are very quaint. 
















 Stopped at the information shop on the square and them headed for the bibliotheca, library, to look into family history. Archives are closed for today so we grabbed a hot chocolate before heading off to the Cemetry. Yep, going to look for dead people. 

On the way we walked past this house. 

While we taking photographs the owner came along. He was Selmer Neilsen. We had a chat and said we were from Australia and looking into family history. 

Walking through the streets is amazing.  Tondor is the oldest town in Denmark.

Finally arrived at the Cemetry, and spent the next four hours looking for likely suspects. Found ninety two in fact, but that number will grow once we have been to the church cemetries where people were buried prior to 1860.  Have to tell you, they look after their cemetries very well. Ground staff were getting ready for Christmas, placing Christmas tree fronds on all graves.

Seen enough head stones for one day so headed back into town via the supermarket for food. 

Outside the Cemetry we saw this van. 

And this bus. Who would want to live there?😳😳

Wandered back through the square, and wouldn’t you know it, the stall selling Gloog wine. Well it is cold. That done, we headed, staggered, back to Myrtle, past more lovely buildings. 

  Thatched cottage.  
 Stone in town square which comerates 700 years in 1993.  
Museum and Archives tomorrow.

One thought on “TONDOR – DAYS 2 AND 3

  1. Gary, you will have an interesting time there! Sad that the weather is getting cold!
    What’s the stories about the two round rocks, one’s a wheel … what’s the pretty one?
    Keep well,


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