Friday, November 20.

Still in Copenhagen. Twenty four hour stomach bug so confined to bed. 

Saturday, November 21.

All better now. Heading off towards Tondor, the birthplace of the Neilsen’s, to look up some dead people.  



  Three bridges to cross today. First two lead to the island of Odense. First one high to allow ships through, five kilometres long, second eight kilometres long. They both link on a rocky outcrop in the straights.





An oldie at the servo we stopped at.

Third bridge for the day was only three kms long.

Back on the mainland Eurppe and turned south for Tondor. They have had an enormous amount of rain as can be witnessed by the puddles in the paddocks.  

Bus shelter.

Arrived in Tondor at 4.00pm. Just enough time for a quick look around the town square, mug of Glog wine, some groceries and back to Myrtle.


2 thoughts on “ROAD TO TONDOR

  1. Sorry about the tummy! We are following you closely on our atlas and v. envious!
    iPad shows Stockholm as minus 5C at 11 pm, so hope your snuggled up!
    Query the muddy track further back… did your Nav lady have a hiccup?
    As always, keep well and safe!


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