Thursday, November 19.

Firstly, apologies for yesterday’s blog. It was all over the place. Not sure whether it was me or the program. Anyway, it is all sorted now, so you can check it out. 

Today we headed to the Royal Palace, firstly to watch the changing of the guard, and then visit the palace museum. Maybe Mary will be there. 

Just for you SJ.

The street we walked down to the palace has lots of design companies located there. This one just happens to be the Tesla(electric cars)Design Centre.

One of the four Royal Palace’s located in the square. The Queen lives in one, one is for administration, and this one just happens to be Mary’s house.

Guys at the front gate. They do 2 hours on, 4 hours off.

  Couple of guys waltzing together.  
  The maid came out with a hot chocolate for us. Danish hospitality.  
  Lots if guys wanting to waltz.  
This is how you do it.

Well done, they must have been paying attention.

Very entertaining, even in the rain. We then went into the palace museum, to see how the other half lives.ost of it is from the late 19th Century.   


The Royal seat.

Once you turn 18, and you are a member of the Royal family, you are given the Order of the Elephant. This is also accorded to visiting dignatories, but must be handed back when they die.

Back outside,even rain does not stop play.


We then visited ‘the Marble Church’, which is actually made of limestone. Or was commenced in the 1600’s using Danish marble, but that proved to expensive, and work was stopped for 100 years. The marble was used in other buildings and the church was rebuilt in limestone.

Rather amazing interior. Not unlike the Pantheon, except that this is actually finished. There is no hole in the dome.

This was over a doorway where they were setting up an exhibition on the Berlin Wall and it’s similarities to today’s refugees.


On the design street was this metal smiths workshop. Wonder if I can get the shed to look like this?

Another design shop. Pisno with a difference.

Flowers outside the French Embassy. Similar amount on the other side of the road. We need to remember those in other countries who have suffered at the hands of terrorists in recent weeks.


Stopped at the Guiness World Records Museum on the way back. This guy is big.

We both got to experience what is like to go from zero to 309mph in 5 seconds. All happens to quickly.

Left the museum and walked past a toy store with a Lego Santa.

Stopped for dinner, tried a photo with Hans Christian Anderson 

 and then caught train back to Myrtle. 

One thought on “COPENHAGEN-DAY6

  1. An interesting day for us to go around with you two! About the shed… Richard is working on that problem!
    The French Embassy was a nice touch!
    Keep well AND SAFE!


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