Wednesday, November 18. 
Woke up this morning to sunshine. So here are some photos of Copenhagen  in the sunshine. Enjoy while we can as it is expected to snow this weekend. 


The granite block.


Interesting statue with birds and planes.  

That strange church tower. Not only are the steps on the outside, but they are anti clockwise.  

The English Church.  

Now, this is a Christmas tree. Might happen to have something to do with where the Royal yacht is moored.


We call it a Magpie, the Danish call it a Chard.

  1. Headed into the SMK, State Museum of Art.  

There were Rubens, Botticellis, Modiglianis and Rembrandts. Most have their names beside the pictures.

The World Wide Web.

Us in an Egenbercht.

  Did not know Su posed for a painting!  
New storage system for the rumpus room.

Notice the shadow on the wall behind.


Even some by a Nielsen.

Beautiful workmanship in marble. The detail is stunning..


Tossed out of another gallery. The exhibitions are wonderful and thoroughly enjoyable, but six hours.

8.30, time to find some dinner before catching metro back to Myrtle.

3 thoughts on “COPENHAGEN – DAY 5

  1. Hi guys.
    Beautiful pics.
    Were you two responsible for the release of the penguins at the Copenhagen zoo?
    It was on the ABC News tonight.


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