Tuesday, November 17.

On the way home from dinner last night we passed this place. Leggo’s flagship store in Denmark. Guess where we are going today? 😳😳

Reflections of old on new while waiting for the bus.

Just so happens that it was directly opposite Holmans/the Royal Navy Church. This is where the queen was married and Mary’s twins were christened.

Note the model ship hanging from the rafters.

Pulpit which is exquisetly carved as is all the woodwork in the church.

The alter.    
The Royal box.


One of the local serfs.
The font where the deed was done. 


Climbed aboard the canal cruiser, only to discover that due to the high rainfall in the North Sea, high tide was half a metre above the normal tide and therefore he boat was unable to go under many of the bridges. Result was that the trip would be shorter. 


Check out the spire on the church.  
You will find them anywhere. The mighty Morrie.

   Persevered till the first stop and then decided to jump off, collect our tickets and try again in a couple of days. It had begun to rain again which did not help.

This is one of Hans Tholstrup’s boats, that he does those crazy voyages in.

    Noma’s Restaurant, which used to be the number one restaurant in the world for 2010, 2011 2012, but is now number 3. Holds four Michelin Stars and one has to book two to three months ahead, and take your bank manager with you.

 Views down the Nyhavn Canal where we stopped for lunch. We were entertained by a group of Swedish soccer fans. Sweden and Denmark play each other tonight. There are supporters and police everywhere.

Lots of colourful buildings.

Headed off to an electrical store to purchase a new heater. Our €9.00 model, purchased in France, has decided to die. May have been an omen. We could use the gas one in Myrtle but it also heats the water at the same time, and as we are in a camp ground we have no need for the hot water. 
The French Embassy which is surrounded by flowers.

Entrance to the concert hall. 

  Large department store decked out in Christmas cheer.  
This is the front carriage in the metro. For those who are not quick with these things. There is NO driver.


Heater sorted, back on metro to city square, and stroll down to the Round Tower at  

The intriguing thing about this towers is that there are only steps at the very top. The method of climbing to the top is up a spiral ramp, 209 metres long and twists 7.5 times around the hollow core. Word is that the king at the time did not like stairs, so the ramp was built do he could ride his horse up and the queen followed in her carriage.

The old clock mechanism.

Joining and securing timber was certainly different in those days. These are the old bell mounts.

The original toilet about half way up.

The centre of the tower is hollow, and in around 1880 a one, August Nielsen, a choir boy, fell the tool room at the top, all of 35 metres, and survived with minor scratches and the loss of two teeth. History shows that we have been in and out of stife ever since, in one form or another.πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰

The hollow of the tower sits over Denmark’s Point Zero. At the top of the tower there sits an observatory from where the first accurate maps of Denmark were formed in 1841. There is still a telescope, albeit modern, which is still used to scan the heavens. 

   Views of the city from the top of the tower. It is only 3.00pm.

Headed back down the tower, quick look in the church, and then on the Lego.

 Passed this wonderful chocolate shop on the way. Everything you see is chocolate.

Stopped at the Christmas Market for a Mulled Wine, as you do!🍷🍷

Landed at the Lego shop.  Someone was in their element.    

Have a close look in the lion’s mouth!!πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ 

Having purchased considerably more shares in Lego, we headed for the Metrro and back to Myrtle

One thought on “COPENHAGEN -DAY 4

  1. More photo’s of interesting places and things! Thanks!
    What is the significance of the circumscribed 4 seen in several places?
    You will be happy to see the end of those long coats and woolly glove!
    “Cos it’s getting hotter back here!
    Keep well AND SAFE!


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