Monday, November 16. 

Woke up to rain this morning, so a slow start to the day. Eventually headed into the city, and dropped into the tourist office for a Copenhagen card which gets you into museums and all public transport. Noticed these cool bikes for hire while we were there.

 The main city square.
This is called the glass cube. It sits on one central base with two outrigger foundations. There is a photo later in the dark and rain.

Jumped on the hop on bus for a ride around the city.

  One of the majestic buildings.  
Crossing over one of the any canals. The granite block, part of the National Library.    
Our Saviours Church spire, 90 metres high, with 400 steps, the last 150 on the outside.

  Canal in Christians Borg. This is where the hippies live.  

Old ten ament building.
Hojbro Square in Christmas mode.

Gateway to metro.

  Gefion Fountain, not fount aiming.  
The National Opera building.


Part of the Pentagonal Citadel. 
This is what it’s all about.

  And this one too!  
Rosenberg Castle, now a museum.

Lights come on.

  The glass cube in  lights.  
  Hojbro Square in lights. 
Dropped into the TGIF Pub for a drnk and dinner. Hope weather is better tomorrow for more sight seeing. Maybe we will drop in a see Mary!😉😉

3 thoughts on “COPENHAGEN -DAY 3

  1. The weather has turned for you, when you get back you can tell us how cold it really was there! Nice shots of the “Little Mermaid”! And Su as well!
    Have you got a boomerang for Princess Mary?
    Keep well! and keep these blogs coming, for we are enjoying them…


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