Sunday, November 15. 

Jumped on the train and headed into the city centre about 10 minutes away. Wouldn’t you know it, there was track work going on today and we had to transfer to a bus half way. 

Arrived at Central Station. What a magnificent building.

Some of the buildings near the station.

Just happened to discover that the Christmas Festival at the Tivoli, started today, and the Tivoli Hardens are across the road from the station.

We had been to Hell last week, so it stands to reason!

This is just amazing. Virginia and Nutty had told us this happens all over Europe. The photos tell the story.

This is our Christmas tree.😉😉

Pumpkin in a pumpkin.

They are all mine.

Frosty the snowman……..

This is some merry go round. 250 feet to the top.

City Hall over the road.

The toy soldier.

Even ships on the lake.

Even city hall lights up as it becomes darker.

The snow palace at night, well 4.30 anyway.

Dinner at one of the restaurants on the park and then back to the train for home.

What a truely amazing experience.

2 thoughts on “COPENHAGEN – DAY 2

  1. That is a bright spot and seems like a lot of fun! No lack of folk walking around here!
    You have not mentioned the English language and who uses it… Which country was easier to make yourselves known?



  2. Well we can’t beat the Christmas tree snow beautiful lights and sights,just love that you two are in some of the pics, and having such an amazing adventure , miss you both spoke to Rich the other week had a very entertaining and wonderful chat, will talk again before Christmas. Love to you both Shel & Col ☃☃☃


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