Saturday, November 14.  

Have arrived in my country of origin. Will look into that later in the week when we are at Tonder, birthplace of our forefathers.  

The last IKEA in Sweden.  

What a wild and windy trip down from Gutenburg. At times it was all we could do to manage 80kms/hour.  Then it rained. Better to have wind and rain though, in lieu of ice and snow.     

An old Dutch? Windmill in full flight. 

The ocean is this far away.

Speaking with Lynton in England last night and he said they had 90kms/hr winds in Scotland. Know where they are now.

Coming across the bridge linking  Malmo in Sweden with Copenhagen in Denmark, was particularly scary. So far above the water and open to the elements, we received a right buffeting. 



  Notice the storm front.



Wind farm in the water.
  Following the bridge we proceeded into a 5km long tunnel which goes under the sea to allow shipping to travel up and down the coast.😳😳  

Nice flowing lines.

Funny looking power station, no cooling towers.

Found the campsite easily, set up and had a much needed cuppa. 

Not the best sunset we have seen, but there is another storm brewing. 

An hour later we had a hail storm!

4 thoughts on “COPENHAGEN 

  1. Rather a rough trip, but the bridges were amazing! The power station may have been cooled with sea water, plenty of that there! You are moving along now!
    Keep well and safe and keep the pictures coming!



  2. Is that THE Bridge, from the great series of the same name? If so, another series begins next week!
    We haven’t been far, but had a week away in the Borders, Melrose and Newcastleton.
    Great to follow th trail.
    Fraser and Lita


    1. Re the bridge, I think you may be correct. Both still enjoying the experience. Will travel across and down through Denmark, through Germany to Holland and catch the ferry to Hull.
      Su and Gary


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