Wednesday, November 11.

Arrived back in Oslo at 6.15am this morning and caught the metro and bus out to Myrtle. After an exhausting few days we climbed into bed to catch up on some much needed rest. 

Woke at 11.00, showered and breakfast, then Su finished off some knitting before heading into the city to check out how to get to the museums, which in summer time is by ferry, but as we discovered, in the winter is by bus. Not on the water, but the long wat around the top of the sound. Will be another early start in the morning to see them all. 

The Noble Biilding where the Nobel a Peace Prize is presented each year.

It is only 3.30, but the sun is beginning to set already.

Lovely brig, bathed in sunshine.

View across to the fort.

Statue of a scuba Dover on the waterfront.

More of the sunset.

  More of the fort.  
  Sunset again.  
  Wrapped ready for winter.  
Never get sick of sunsets.

  Inside the central station.  

 Walked from the waterfront into the city to send some mail home and then catch dinner before heading back to Myrtle. 

Interesting that a great deal of the population have dinner at around 4.00pm. That’s because it is dark already. The sun in winter here, travels across the southern sky, not very far above the horizon. Conversely in summer, the sun moves in a circular motion overhead, not actually going down.

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