Tuesday, November 10. 

Breakfast and check out of hotel. Headed back across the road to the station to store our baggage, as train was not leaving until 11.30 tonight, and then off to wander through Bergen. Befgen is known for two things, wind and rain. We experienced both today.

  Did not get far! A wool shop in the station complex. Can see the $$ signs already.  
Sarah does this look familiar?

I am amazed by some of the manhole covers we have seen on our walks. May not be your thing but here is another one.

We were told that the old town had some amazing wooden biildings. We were not to be disappointed. The fact that they are still standing hundreds of years later is amazing.

For all you past and present scouts out there, the Scout Shop.

 Those buildings just keep on coming.
Dropped into the tourist centre at the waterfront.

  Shows what the weather is like.  
Headed up to the funnicular for a view of the city although the weather may be against us.

This building is only two metres wide.

 Funnicular station.

Track going up. 

The travel fairy was looking after us and the weather lifted for us to see the city.

Going down?

Passing the up one.

Off funicular and headed off through the old town with lots of wooden buildings.

 But this one is wattle and daub dated 1666.
In memory of the resistance from WWII. 

Down along the waterfront to the Resistance Museum.

We then walked back through the old town again.

This wooden fish around seven metres long outside an art gallery.

Dolls houses inside the gallery.

If you need to add a room you just do it.

Notice the street is wooden boards. Not to safe in this weather.

  Some interesting roof lines and additions. The hangy  out bits actually house block and tackle for lifting goods to the upper floors.
  Not much room between buildings.  
The alley way from the front.

Sun actually shone through!

This little fellow looked lonely. Trolls are part of the fabric of Norway.

Started heading back to station as it was beginning to get dark.

  Memorial monument in the city square.
Wooden boxes on the hillside.

I need a book.

Engineering a students installation near the lake, which is an ice rink in the winter.

Liquid version of an ice rink.

Arrived back at the station, grabbed a bite to eat, collected our baggage and waited for the train to Oslo. We have had a wonderful two days exploring the south western part of Norway, however we have only just touched a small part. There is always next time.

5 thoughts on “BERGEN

  1. Your trip gives us a better idea of the places we have just heard of. There is plenty of water in this part of the world! Your wanderlust is really enjoyable for us back home. We look forward to seeing you both on your eventual return!
    Love and keep well!
    Just received your Santa Card from Lapland!



  2. Virginia and Nutty would have enjoyed seeing you both. Your travels are taking you to some amazing places. Love the old wooden buildings in the photos. Thanks for the lovely comment. All well here starting to warm up. Take care, love to you both mum and Jen xoxo


  3. I can’t believe you saw my scarf in Bergen! Looked like a lovely wool shop. Have been back to the one in Cleethorpes but it wasn’t the same without you… Knitting a hat for Vicky & a tea cosy for Dave at the moment. Miss you both. Look forward to seeing you soon xxx


    1. Su here. It was a beautiful wool shop! If you think of it could you please message me the pattern for the Shirley scarf! I think it was 62 stitches , but don’t want to begin incorrectly. Just need needle size , no of stitches, I think there is a miss stitch border on ends and edges?
      We are still having a great time. May get to German Christmas markets. Any requests?
      Miss you too. Just sent socks home for a birthday. Next project!!!
      C u soonish xxxxx


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