Thursday, November 12. 

As we were leaving the restaurant last night we noticed this lovely BMW  outfit hanging from the ceiling.

While waiting for the bus we checked out the log cabin bring built next door. Amazing skills.

Another manhole cover in town.

This sculpture, on the front of Centrales Statione, represents papers flying out the window. Very clever.

There are people out and about today.

Another of the many small electric cars to be seen here.

Today is museum day and first on the list is the Viking Museum. 

The only reason these boats have survived , is that they were all used as funeral boats at the end of their life. This means that people were actually buried in them, and the clay soil has preserved them and their contents.

Some of the artifacts which were discovered on the ships.


Horse drawn carriage.

On leaving the museum, we noticed the sun at its highest point for the day. About 20 degrees above the horizon.

Some of the houses around the museums. This is definitely the upper part of town.

Next up was the Kontiki Museum dedicated to Thor Heyderdahl, who believed that the natives of Peri crossed the ocean to Polynesia. 

This is the balsa wood raft, on which they crossed the ocean.

Their biggest surprise was coming across this whale shark, 20 metres long, which followed them for days.

The man himself, or a copy?

Ra II. Built out of papyrus reeds. Ra I sank. 

The steering paddle off Tigris.

Model of Tigris, which they set on fire at the mouth of the Suez Canal in protest at developed countries supplying arms to under-developed countries.

Last was the Fram Museum which houses the ship, Fram, and tells of mans efforts to conquer the great Antartica.

Bit big to wrestle with.

The Fram, inside and outside.

Statues of those who went north, some living, some not.


Looking across the sound to the city.

Boat building school next door.


Sun setting on the sound.


Museum end out, bussed back to the city to catch the metro home, for dinner and sleep. Big day tomorrow, heading south.

2 thoughts on “OSLO, STILL.

  1. They have a maritime heritage and could really build boats! What was the significance of the “Snake ” boat?
    Thanks for the guided tour, we are enjoying it! We are intrigued as to how you go South from here..
    Keep well!


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