Monday, November 9. 

As you can see by the title, we completed a great deal of splinter checking, sitting on the timber, today. We went on what is called, ‘Norway in a Nutshell’, tour. 

This involved catching the train from Oslo at 8.25am, given that we did not get to bed last night after coming back from Rondheim until midnight, to Myrdal.

The trip to Myrdal showed a changing landscape, which started out bright and sunny and finished very white.


There are lots of areas under cultivation, farms with their red barns, and lots and lots if water.

Ski runs slightly lacking in the white stuff, but as we were soon to find out, that will not be far away.

Stopped at Finse, the highest point on our trip, at 1,222 metres, and it was snowing.
Arrived at Myrdal where we caught the historic Flam Railway train to Flam.

Look just like ginger bread houses.


Snug as a bug in a rug.

Snow is coming fown.


The train stopped at this magnificent waterfall which powers a generator on under the rail line.


Given that the terrain is so steep, there are waterfalls everywhere.


A cute little village on the way down.
The trip down the mountains was unbelievable. At Flam we hopped on board a ferry for a cruise down the fjord to Gudnangen.


Lovely cottages reflecting on the waters of the sound. The shape in the water at bottom right was a seal.

Safely on board.


This is a view through the porthole looking forward and give you an idea of the weather conditions.

The size and enormity of this fjord is spell binding. The almost sheer mountain sides, many topped with snow. To think that all this was done by ice millions of years ago is truely amazing.


Some of us braved the conditions to go outside!

Here the fjord narrows to 150 metres wide. At its deepest point it is over 260 metres deep.


This is not a trick question. The cup on the left is coffee, the one on the right is tea. Watch the video. Does this mean that coffee is a thicker consistency than tea, or is it that the propellor shaft is slightly bent?😳😳

Snow on them that hills.😳😳❄️❄️❄️❄️


Village on the foreshore. Building to the right is a church, which due to its lighting, appears to be on fire. They were pages in this part of the world not all too long ago.

You have probably noticed that it now very dark and difficult to take any photos. This one in the men’s toilet on the boat did tickle my fancy. A million one liners but I am not going there.


At Gudvangen we caught the bus to Voss, and then the train from Voss to Bergen. We arrived in Bergen Station at 8.00pm.

Next step was to find ourselves a bed for the night. First hotel we tried was full, station is looking good, but as luck would have it the second one was willing to risk us. After settling in, we grabbed a quick dinner and crashed after a thoroughly enjoyable day. 💤💤💤💤💤


  1. We are really enjoying your blog! And I’m glad that we have a good Atlas, for we can see just where you are for Flam showed up! Weather is still cool here, we’re not getting hot yet!
    Keep well!


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