Sunday, November 8.  

Headed out for breakfast downtown as it was actually Fathers Day in Norway today. Not really, we just decided to go out for breakfast. Lovely food and great company.   

Then drove up to the university, better known as hogwarts, for look around and views back over the city.


Electric train from 1909 in the university grounds.   
Looking down over the sports ground. Trees know it is autumn.

Side view of the main uni building.

Back in the car and headed down to the sound for a walk along the waterfront. Looking out across the sound it is hard to imagine that this was carved by a glacier many years ago.

Remnants of what we think is an old whaling or fishing station.

A lone kayaker paddling on the sound. 

Needed to stop for a chat. Why stop?

There were lots of family groups out enjoying the sunshine. Note the lack of shorts and tee shirts   

Headland which is predominantly shale and slate.

Great walking in the fresh air and admiring the scenery.

This is one of the great looking barbecues spread around the foreshore.

Headed back to house for a hot chocolate and relax before heading to the train at 3.00.
Front of Virginia and Nutty’s place.   

All too soon it was time to head to the train station. We had a wonderful time visiting with Virginia and Nutty, two very lovely and funny people, and Toast the cat. 🐱🐱 They made us very welcome and made us feel at home. We will definitely be coming back to visit again. 

Front of Trondheim station.

  The red VW, of course it would be a VW.  
Looking both  ways on the river outside the station. 

On the way back to Oslo, it was snowing at Hjerkinn. This is the first snow we have seen this season.❄️❄️❄️❄️

Arrived back in Oslo at 11.10 and headed back to Myrtle.

2 thoughts on “TRONDHEIM -DAY 3.

  1. Thanks for visiting. We had a great time 🙂 Can you believe it started raining just an hour or so after you left? Haven’t stopped yet… Hopefully you’ll come back and make the sun shine again. Enjoy the rest of your time in Norway and continue to have good travel experiences.

    Love, Nutty


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