Saturday, November 7. 

Went on the Virginia and Nutty tour today. Headed into the old square in the city. They started to do some underground work and discovered medieval ruins. That has put a stop to work whole the experts work out what they have.

  This is the Royal house in town.  
  Knocked on the door but no one home. Not many places you can walk up and knock on the Royals front door.  
  Views down some of the streets. You will notice that the sky is blue, but it is a tad chilly.  
Intriguing , which is the old library, but is now a restaurant, and it is made of timber.

  Drove up to the communications tower to catch the lift to the top, for views out across the city.  
And views of the inside. Su, Virginia and Nutty.

  Neilsen’s way.  
Drove down to the wharf, to go to the sky bar for more views. Well that’s our story. This building continually changes colours.

Views out over the harbour and the sound.

  That building again.  
  Nutty and Virginia.  
  That building again at 5.15.  
  And the sun going down at 5.25.

One thought on “TRONDHEIM -Day 2.

  1. Trondheim is really on the harbour! Great pictures Gary! Must have been nice to meet Virginia again… And who’s looking after Myrtle? You are lucky with the weather there! When will it snow?
    Keep well..



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