Friday, November 6. 

Woke this morning to these views of Trondheim from our room at Virginia and Nutty’s.

After breakfast we walked down to the International School where Virginia works. A very cosy school, where everyone greeted us with a smile. The photo above shows the school buildings. The building to the right is three stories. The school runs from 2-16 year olds. The buildings are part of an old military complex of which the remains of the old fort are also. It gave great views of the city also.

The main stronghold at the fort. All the gun emplacements faced toward Sweden where they thought the threat would come from. Only problem was that the Germans attacked from the water on the other side.😳😳

Views over the city.

Officers quarters, which is now a lovely restaurant.  

I see no enemy.
The four foundations under the glass, were the foundations for the post where the Germans tied the resistance members to execute them.


Memorial to those resistance members who lost their lives.
Ceremonial camnons.


The little one sitting on the fort wall doing what she does best.

Left the fort and walked doewn to the cathedral, passing more of those lovely wooden buildings.
Crossed the canal into the city centre. What magnificent buildings along the watetline, and their  fantastic reflections.


The magnificent cathedrl, built in the 10th century and then rebuilt in the early 1900’s.
Point Zero and the finishing point for the St Plaf’s Way pilgrims.

Man hole cover.

  The treasury building where we viewed the Crown Jewels.  
Two statues outside the Museum of Modern Art.

View across the bay.


Nutty collected us from the cathedral for a look at a few sites.
Headed to Hell. That’s correct, we went to a place called Hell.

Outside the Hell station.


Su and Nutty trying to get into Hell.

Su on the phone to ?????

Guess we have been to Hell and back, and if we stayed here too long Hell would freeze over.
1st November, everyone is required to change to winter tyres. These have steel studs embedded in the rubber. When you purchase a new car here, you are supplied with two sets of wheels and tyres, one for summer and one for winter. Photo is a winter tyre


We went to visit Nutty’s mum Sigvor and dad Jardar for afternoon tea. Amazing waffles and brown cheese.
Do you want to see my knitting room. Sigvor is a prolific knitter. While she was in Australia she showed the Neilsen clan how to knit Norway style.


Sigvor’s pram which was built by her dad when she was a little girl.

 Platypus hanging from their visit to Australia.


Lovely wooden church which was not open.
Steinbokholm Castle, which was built by Norway’s last Arch Bishop, before the country became Protestant.

   Some great shots of the sunset on the water  and reflections of the old walkway.  
Started to get dark so we headed back to home dropping into the wine shop for some stock.

They do have TV, but Nutty and the cat entertained us before dinner.  

Speaking of dinner, Virginia on deck. 


One thought on “TRONDHEIM 

  1. Thanks for a great view of Norwegian life! The Cathedral was spectacular…Who do the statues represent? And when was it built, for the stone-masons were really skilled! Are you going to stay for the winter?

    Keep well


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