Thursday, November 5. 

Caught bus into metro and then into city to catch the train north to Trondheim. Train leaves at 10.20, and due to track work will need to change to two buses and then another train. 

Rather magnificent destination board. 

The tracks north. 

As with Sweden, the majority of the houses are constructed of wood. 

  Have changed to the buses for a ride on the bitumen.  
  Olympic Stadium in Lillehamer, where we changed buses. It represents an upturned boat.  
More of those wooden buildings.

  Trees are wood hopped and then turned into wood pellets.  
Yellow looking stuff is reindeer food, lichen. 

Wooden farm buildings. An enormous amount of agriculture, wheat, as we move north.

Even train station buildings are in timber.   
  We travelled alongside this river for the majority of our journey.  
  Love these buildings with the turf rooves.  
  The sunsets are amazing this far up.  
Arrived in Trondheim at 6.00pm, to be met by Virginia and Nutty.

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