Tuesday, October 3.

Very quiet day today. Pea soup fog all day. Spent the day catching up on paperwork and reading. Both a little tired after a long haul from Stockholm yesterday.

Photo was taken at 4.00pm and shows the lights from the church and ski jump behind the park, reflecting off the fog.


Early night so we can be in town early in the morning.

Wednesday, November 4. 

Succeeded in being in town early so we could organize trains ect to go to Trondheim, in the north of Norway, to visit my cousin Virginia Neilsen, who teaches at the International School there.

Well you would think that was easy. The information centre, where you can book most things, was unable to do it. Tried a number of travel agents, who were either closed or only dealt in corporate travel. Where is Doc Brown when you need him? 

Went back to the tourist info and they suggested we try online. Bugger, the tour we wanted did not run until next week. We were hoping to train it to Trondheim, stay with Virginia for a couple of days, then ferry from Trondheim to Bergen down the coast, and then train, ferry, bus and train back to Oslo via the national park. This would have allowed us to see the majority of the fjord coastline.

Second option, train to Trondheim and return, then train, bus and ferry to Bergen through the national park , overnight in Bergen and then train back to Oslo. 

That sorted we had lunch and then wandered through the centre of Oslo up towards the Royal Palace. The photos show that the day is very drab, fog still hanging around.

Saw this guy outside the train station. Big boy.


This was a flash back to my rugby days when I played with Penrith. Pepe’s Pizza was one of our sponsors.


Great stonework.

View down the mall. There are actually people there!  

This monument is to the oppressed during the war.


Couple of shots showing the fog. It is 2.30.


This is what you do with a 40′ shipping container. Turn it into a coffee shop. The large windows are on hydraulic rams.

Oslo cathedral. The inside of this place is stunning. The ceiling is timber and the whole lot is painted on murals.

The Royal box.


Was taking a photo of the yellow wooden building actually.


Parliament House.

They definitely want pedestrians to stop.


Started putting the Christmas lights up. 


3.30 waiting for the bus.

This car is smaller than a Smart car.

Bus back to Myrtle for a cuppa and pack for tomorrow’s adventure north.

2 thoughts on “OSLO

  1. These cities are all the same and different as well! Saw the first graffiti and the busy dog today! Your train trip north will be interesting! Seeing your cousin will be a thrill!
    All well here and keep well…


  2. Hello you two received your Christmas card today, well yes you did it, I didn’t know we’re to send yours?
    You know we are missing you both, but enjoying your journey thank you
    Shel & Col xx


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