Monday, November, 2.

Well after six days in beautiful Stockholm, we have finally decided to wend our way to Oslo in Norway. I can recommend to anyone thinking of travelling in Scandinavia, definitely stop in Stockholm.

Around 500kms to travel, but the traffic is fairly quiet, as most people are at work.

Bit of an issue purchasing fuel this morning. After we worked out you need to put your card in, take your card out, put in the fuel and then put your card back in to obtain a receipt. Did I say there are no attendants and it is all in Swedish.😳😳

Speed limits started at 90kms/hour, as is most of Scandinavia, then we hit dual lanes and we jumped to 100, and blow me down if the freeway was 110. Day just became better as Myrtle hates 90, it’s at the top end of 4th and little too low for 5th.  

 I am surprised by the amount of land that is under crops. Lots of grains, and the winter crops are starting to rise. Amazing when there are so many lakes, or fiords.  

Crossed the border into Norway. Only 90kms to go. Country has not changed much, more of the same. If it’s not being farmed or covered with water, then it’s covered with trees. 

 Arrived on the outskirts of Oslo and punched the camp ground into TomTom. He took us straight there. Checked in, set up and wandered up to the restaurant for dinner before retiring after a long day in the saddle.😉😉

Houses on the hills overlooking park. 5.15pm.


One thought on “ROAD TO OSLO

  1. We continue to enjoy your trip! Were they golf balls ? It must have been quite a change to drive for a day… no mention of rehydrating! In which country has “Stryne ” worked for you?
    Still keep well!



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