Sunday, November 1.

Off into the city for a three hour lunch cruise through part of the Stockholm Archipelago. 

More shots of some of the magnificent facades on buildings.

Hear obelisks are quite clever. One measures air quality, wind speed and firection and the other water quality, amount of water in dams, how much is being consumed and hiwmuch is being recycled back into the system. The lights are graduated against a scale.

   The good ship for our three hour cruise. Now I remember another group taking a three hour cruise and  taking months. Must check if Gilligan is aboard.šŸ˜³šŸ˜³ 
All settled, ready for an experience. Nice and warm in here.   
Part of the Swedish spread, or should I say smorgasbord.

Very nice pale ale.

  Sailing down the estuary.
Just in case you are not sure. Yes, there is a boat.

 There are lots of lovely buildings along the way.
Nice tri- maran.

  Must be doing it hard it’s only a small Robinson, but a real one.  
But this is the house. Actually bigger than it looks.

Swedish Island.

Danish Island. Could have picked it up for a cool $10,000,000 last week.

Wouldn’t know brothers built these. Yes they are Italian.

 High on a hill top.
This is the house.

  This is the boat house.  
This house used to belong to Bjorne Borg, but like a lot of people here, did not think he would have to pay taxes. Now it is owned by a nice family, to quote the guide. 

Town of Vaxholm, where the fort was built in the archipelago, to protect the shopping lanes but was never used as a fort as technology overtook it. Now used as a motel and B&B.

  The fort.  
  Quaint building.  
And more.    

Most of the buildings on Vaxholm are constructed of timber. The theory was that if war broke out, they could be dismantled easily so the invaders could not use them.    
Sun actually breaking through the clouds.

  More of those buildings.  

Crane in the harbour painted to resemble a giraffe.
The bus in the photo to the right of centre is actually a boat bus. Drive straight of the land and into the water, and vica versa.


Headed back to Myrtle to prepare for drive to Oslo tomorrow. We have had a tremendous time in Stockholm, but if we do not move on the weather will beat us. This has been the mildest start to winter for fourty years.

Following two photos are of the sunset across the bay at the camp ground. At 4.15!!!

2 thoughts on “STOCKHOLM – DAY 6

  1. Hi Guys

    Have been doing photo’s etc of the Hill Reunion, have done copies of photo’s etc for you, it was decided to have one each year,for which ever can make it,next years will be held on the 22nd of October, close to 70 at this years, love to you both Shel & Col xx


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