Saturday, October 31. 

Today we are off to Skansen, an outdoor museum covering 75 acres, covering the history of Sweden. Bit like Soverign Hill at Ballarat.

One of the many churches on the way from the metro to the tram.


Now this is what I call an outside fire. The end of a gas tank. They are spread around the site.


An Oland windmill.

Storehouse used to store hay and grain during the winter.  


Looking towards the village square.

Post Office.


Cottage garden from the allotments given to people to entice them to move  to the country in the 1800’s.

Looking back towards the city.  


Shots from the carpenters shop. The Ferris wheel looking contraption is for clamping boards while the glue dries. Clever use of space.

The garage. Saturday, day off!    

Shots from the glass blowers.

One of the many farm buildings.


Statue of Carolus Linnaeus, 1707-1778, famous for caalogueing plant species.

Great view of the Nordica Museum from the top of the park.  

Rune stones. There are 2,500 in Sweden. Basically a grave stone or morose stone placed by the Sami.


May Pole.

Some of the many buildings that have peat on the rooves.. Hell of a job to mow.


Finnish houses from when Finland was part of Sweden.


European Bison. There were only 55 in the 1920’s, and now there are more than 4,500.


The latest edition.

A big boy. Would be 2.5 metres at the shoulder. Hard to argue with in the forest.

Brown bears.

Looking back towards the city. If you have not noticed, if it is a distance photo, there is always water. 

Sami buildings. Sami are the indigenous people of northern Russia, Finland, Sweden and Norway.  

Check out the stumps.

No they have not sunk, they use the ground to insulate.


Windmill with the sun setting on it at 4.40.

Finished at the park, we boarded a tram back to the city centre to find the Irish Pub for the Rugby final. 

Yes lights are on but it is only 5.00.


Not a happy chappie, lost the rugby and the pub was full of Kiwis. Dragged ourselves to a local restaurant for dinner with some consolation drinks, and then back to Myrtle. 

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