Friday, October 30.

Busy day today, first to the children’s museum.    

  A basket full of Merryn’s.  
Even Queensland does not have banana trees like this.    
Just lovely views to the water.


Su with a statue of Astrid Lindgreen, a famous children’s author.
Some shots of the lovely old boats outside the Vasa Museum which is next door.





  Next stop, the Nordisca Museum, which houses Swedish culture.

   Front door handle.  
Oak Statue of Gustavo Vasa, king from 1523-1560.

 There were a number of exhibitions inside, covering the life and work, trends and traditions, the Sami, their indigenous people, folk art, jewel leery and china and toys.

Inside a modern house in the 1930’s.

Lace from as far back as the 1300’s.

Dolls houses. 


Chairs through the ages.

Folk Art. 

Toys, toys, toys. 

 Old tools.   

And this cheeky character in period clothes.

Finished here we jumped on the tr back to the city centre, and then the metro to the Swedish Embassy. The girl wanted to go to see the mothership, the largest one in the world. For all those who might be confused about now, I am referring to IKEA. Yes the lights are on but it is only 5.30.

Are we happy.

The place goes on forever. I counted nine restaurants or coffee shops. It is six stories high and circular. So easy to get lost. Finally out and it only cost €9.00. Had trouble reading some of the labels but this one was easy.

Went out the front and wouldn’t you know it they have a blue and yellow bus with IKEA on the front, that takes you back to the city for free. Come on Australia.

Back in the city, we grabbed a bite to eat and headed back to Myrtle exhausted.

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