Sunday 25 & Monday 26, October.

Spent the last two days looking around Helsinki. Lots of design studios here covering a wide range of products.  

Unlike further north where the trees have already lost their leaves, the trees here in Helsinki are still changing colour.

Caught metro into town and as there was no hop on bus we worked out that two trams did the same thing so off we went.
The Cathedral which dominates Senate Square.

The old Market Hall by the water.

Views across the harbour.

Inside the Old Market Hall.

Su sitting on Myrtles cousin.

This looks out of place here. Very rare to see an American car.

  One of the many statues spread around the city.  
After a great day we headed back to Myrtle.

Back into town this morning to organize a ferry to Stockholm. We can jump on the cruise ship which sails between Helsinki and Stockholm, sailing at 5.00 today. 

Another wander around the shops, mostly textiles, wool and fabrics. Seems to be a theme here. Metro back to camp to collect Myrtle and board the ship.

We are on the 10th floor, two more above us and then the deck. The main hall is longer than a football field. It will take forever to get to dinner.

Finally break ties with the land. Only 14 more hours.

  Sun setting over Helsinki.  
 Acrobats in the main hall.
Watched a Caberet before retiring for the night.

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