Tuesday, October 27.

Set the alarm for 7.00, so we would have plenty of time to shower and have breakfast before we docked at 9.30. Up showered and down to breakfast, only to find that we weretheonly ones in that huge hall. Then we realised that we had passed through a time zone and gained an hour. 😳😳 Bugger. 

Seeing as we were up, we went up onto the top deck to watch the sunrise over Stockholm. We were impressed.

 Headed back down to cabin to thaw out and wait for breakfast.
Sitting at breakfast we were able to watch the passing scenery on the way to Stockholm. We travelled up the main estuary past some of the 30, 000 islands in the Stockholm Archipelago. That’s right, 30,000. 

Back on land we headed for the camp ground, 5 miles from the centre. Crossed from one island to another and lost count how many. 

Overshot the turn in, so drove to next roundabout and backtracked to our destination. 

Settled in we walked the 400 metres to he metro and into the city. First impressions there are lots of magnificent buildings and not many people around. However, like Helsinki, there us another city underground, because of the cold, and it is packed. 

Found the tourist info building, collected all the relevant documentation and headed to the hop on bus for a tour of the city.

This is the entrance to a huge theme park. 

  Autumn is here.  
Love the colorful buildings.

Old square rigger near the Vasa Museum. More about this tomorrow.

The Riksdhuset building.
  This church, is not used, but is where all the royals are buried.  
  Just more magnificent buildings.  
  Theme park from across the water.  
  Like Venice, due to many of islands being reclaimed marsh lands, some of the buildings are sinking. Note the second building along.  
Gateway to a child care centre.

This building just follows the street.

The ABBA Museum.

Autumn in one of the parks.

More lovely buildings.

From one island to another.

That square rigger again bathed in sunshine.

Statue outside the conservatorium. No plaque so cannot tell you about it.


They are big into Halloween here. Pumpkins for sale everywhere. Found a lovely restaurant for dinner and then headed back to Myrtle, ready for a big day tomorrow. Could be a few days here.

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