Saturday, October 24. 

On the way to the train we passed the totem pole in the square. Time and temperature speak for themselves. It actually rained overnight and speed restrictions are in force this morning. Roads are very greasy, and you can tell by the noise of the tyres on the road, who has winter tyres on and who hasn’t. The winter tyres are softer and have metal studs in four rows around the surface of the tyre. 

This fellows face is in one of the lifts at the hotel where we stayed.

This monument opposite the railway station is in memory of those who rebuilt the city after the Germans left. Before they left the city was basically levelled.

Onto the train for the 10 hour trip south. We came up overnight in a sleeper and thought we might look at the scenery on the way back. Fog will have to lift first. Farm building along the way.

I think she was awake!

Crossed lots of canals and sea water on the way down. Finland has lots of islands and waterways.

Another one of the waterways. This one has a lock on it which we are crossing over.

When Mike was little he called these cloud factories. Actually it is a power station and there is an inversion keeping the smoke and steam down.

Another farm building. There is a great deal of cropping here, even though 40% is covered by forests, which are logged, however they have very strict rules as to replanting following felling.

Supposed to be diarying, but I suspect it’s a crossword. That she is doing.

One of the quaint railway stations along the way. Even though the trains are not high speed, as in other parts of Europe, they are very quiet and double deckers.


Church in the same village. You will have noticed by the photos that the fog did lift for a glorious day.  
More of that endless farmland. 

Finally arrived back in Helsinki after a long trip, but enjoyed being able to see the countryside without having to drive. Headed down to the metro to catch train out to Myrtle, who by now will be having withdrawal symptoms, as are we, as she has been our home for the last 10 months. 

Supermarket for necessities and then to Myrtle who was glad to see us. We had contemplated driving her to ROVANIEMI, but we thought the road conditions may not have been favour able. We saw more motorhomes in the last two days than we have seen for ages.

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