Friday, October 23.

Up early to walk to bus station to catch the bus to the Arctic Zoo, about 80kms away.  

Snow or Arctic owls.

Great Hawk owl.

Arctic Eagle.

The three bears. Three metres is big.

Three bears again, but they are still big. Brown this time.

Snow Lynx. The only cats in Finland.

These rocks were formed by glacial erosion millions of years ago. 

Hand print from, we do not know.

Moose are big too. There is a cull on at the moment as they are a danger to motorists. Due to their height, if they are hit by a car their legs break and the body comes into the cabin. Not many people survive from hitting a moose.

Musk Oxen.


Otters doing what otters do.

Sitting at the bus stop waiting to go back to ROVANIEMI .


Arrived back in ROVANIEMI , had a rest before dinner. Hoped to see the Northern Lights on way home from restaurant but weather was against us.

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