Thursday, October 22. 

Headed up to Santa World about 8 kms north of Rovaniemi, inside the Artic Circle.

Just thought you would like to know the temp!

Arriving at the Arctic Circle.

Temp can get this low.

Siberian huskies, and there are lots of grey squirrels running around. These are the pest variety.

One of the locals.

Ready for work. They are in training at the moment and each dog does 50kms each day.

Now they are working.

Biggest kid in the park.

Can I come too?

Smnug as a big in a rug.

Now he will do some work. You are supposed to be watching the reindeer.

In and out of the circle.

Visited Santa but could not take photos. They did and waiting for an email. Christmas cards home.

Dropped into the Amenium Museum on the way home.


Finland suffered also during the war.


Inside the central hall at the museum.


After a long day, we dined and back to hotel.

One thought on “ROVANIEMI 

  1. You were a long way from home there! Surprised me… thought that it would have been colder with more snow! Those dog kennels didn’t look too warm.

    Our news … Dorothy Gr. quite unwell… will try to get onto Viber too. Tried before with no success!
    Keep well


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