Wednesday, October 21. 

Reasonably quiet day. Caught the metro into the city. Twenty minutes away. Stop right outside camp ground. 

Arrived in central station and went searching for the tourist information centre. Snapped the buildings in the railway square. Very different from the last few days. 

Just a quick look around today, will do more after our trip north.

Saw these guys holding up some pillars on the way to the info centre. 

Unlike the faces above, the Finnish people have smiles on their faces. We noted that there were not many people on the streets, but we discovered later that a large proportion of the shopping precincts are underground to avoid the cold. 

After speaking to the tourist office, they suggested that there were no travel agents who could arrange train and accommodation in Lapland, so back to the station to organist ourselves. On the way we saw a red squirrell running through the mall.

Train booked for 6.52 tonight, so back to Myrtle for some spare clothes and back into the central station for our trip to the Arctic Circle.

Jumped on board and settled down for the eleven hour trip north. Looking forward to going somewhere without driving.

Busy reading up on Finnish Culture. actually its instructions on how to get to Santa Land, where we are going in Lapland.


  1. We did wonder about the lack of pedestrians! And the lack of tourist offices should tell you something about tourism there in Lappland! The train cabin looks great..

    Keep well !



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