Tuesday, October, 20.

Wake early this morning, in time to catch the sun coming up. We needed to be at the ferry terminal by 9.00, a 20 minute drive. The air is crisp and clear, not a cloud in the sky.  
Told you all yesterday we were camped in the middle of a huge marina. Lots of dollars floating nearby.

Sunrise on Tallinn across the bay.

We went to sea on a beautiful pea green boat.

Leaving Estonia behind. 

Sunrise over Tallinn.

Heading across the Baltic.


First signs of Finland.


Here we go.
Huge cathedral, will investigate tomorrow.


Cows made from car panels.


On the way to the camp ground Myrtle clocked up 100,000kms.


Arrived at camp and settled in to map out the next few days. Our plan is to leave Myrtle here and train it up to the Arctic Circle.

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