Friday, October 16.

Taxi into town for a look around. Early for hop on hop off bus so coffee while we wait. The House of Blackheads where the current President lives.  
  The Riga Christmas tree.

Some ptotest, but we do not know what.
Jumped on the hop on hop off bus got a look around.

Lots of wooden buildings.


Was trying to take a photo of a building.
Autumn is coming.

After the bus we visited the Occupation Museum. Between the Germans and the Russians the people of Latvia suffered dearly. From a population of 1,500,000, they lost 585,000 people. It was too hard to take photos.

St Peters Cathedral in two photos. Bit tall for one.

Views of the city from the top of the bell tower. 225 metres up.


That library again.
Four buildings are used for markets. used to be dirigble hangers during WWI.
Communications tower. tallest tower in Europe 368 metres tall.
Tha birthday cake. Stalins gift to Riva.
Not cold really!😳😳
Some great roof lines.

Inside St Peters.

After the cathedral we wandered through the old town for a while, dinner and back to Myrtle.

Read the name of the pub.

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