Saturday, October 16.

Headed into town this morning for a walking tour through the art nouveau district and a look at the old town. 

The Orthodox Cathedral.


The National Museum of Art.


Art Noveau could be described as buildings that look like wedding cakes. This is the case with most of them. Many of the buildings we saw were by Mikhail Eisenstein, one of the most prolific designers of the time. Art Noveau buildings will always have something to do with mythology, nature and the female form on the front of the building.

No, this is not a building, but the colour was similar.

Tour took us past the old castle and bastion, moats and sand barricades that once surrounded the old city.


The Freedom Monument which survived the Communist Era unscathed. This was because the Russians decided that the three stars at the top represented the three Baltic states supported by mother Russia, when in fact they represent the then three Lapvian areas.

I thought this building had a very interesting roof line.


Small guild hall.

The Grande Guild hall.


This was constructed by a wealthy merchant who was not German. You had to be German to be a member of the Grande Guild. It is built, opposite the guild and the cat, which is on the top used to have its rear pointing towards the guild. The guild saw this as an insult, as cats were low forms of life and had demon tendencies, took him to court as they thought it offensive for the cats rear to point at the guild. The guild won the case and the cat had to be turned around.

The Protestant Cathedral, which unusually is the biggest cathedral in the city. The organ has 6,796 pipes.


House where Sherlock Holmes was shot. The series, not him.

One of the many narrow streets.


The Blackheads Guild building. You had to be German, Rich and a bachelor to be a member. They were eek own for holding wild parties.

 Two former stores in the old port.


St Johns courtyard. Remnants of a medieval courtyard.


Bremen musicians statue. You rub one of the animals noses with your nose and make a wish. Not to catch something by rubbing noses!😳😳

Site of the first recorded, decorated Christmas tree.


Courtenay and Maris.

Went for a stroll up to the KGB Museum, but as it nearing closing time, Su an I would come back tomorrow.


A mitten exhibition, from different towns and villages of Latvia.

Coffee with this happy couple while we waited for the traditional Latvian  restaurant to open. Very handy having your own private tour guides.


 An outstanding dinner, terrific company, with lots of interesting tastes. Said our farewells and headed back to Myrtle where we had a nightcap at the 24 hour bar at the camp ground before retiring. Place was rocking as there was a wedding breakfast in the function rooms.

2 thoughts on “RIGA – DAY 3.

  1. Those buildings were marvellous! Now can you please tell us the temperature at the time of the picture taking? Seen Su wrapped up and Courtney is in street clothes!
    Did the war affect these towns? If so, they have improved them!

    As always.. Keep well!



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