Thursday, October 15.

Left our Aire and headed towards Riga, about 120kms away. Countryside still heavy agricultural, but have seen a few disused airfields along the way as can be seen from the following photo. Evidence of the Russian presence over the years.

Also a lot more stork nests. After looking at the camp ground we were heading for, we realised that it would be about 50kms from Riga. Hard to see on our camping app. Decided to head into Riga, stop near the centre and gong the tourist info centre. Stopped at a servo a couple of kilometres from the centre and walked into town over the river.on the way we passed the Nationsl Library. What a masterpiece of engineering. Found the information centre, and discovered a ground near the airport, which is part of a hotel/motel complex.    
  Some more views walking across the bridge into town.  
  Back to Myrtle and out to ground. Only 5kms from city centre. Settled in and relaxed for the afternoon, as we were going to Courtney and Maris’s for dinner. Courtenay is Sue and Allan McLean from Shepparton, daughter. 
Headed in by taxi for dinner. 

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