Wednesday, October 14.

Finally left Vilnius today and headed towards Riga in Latvia. Just taking a detour to     , so we could drive down the spit towards the Russian border.  Passed through more agricultural country under crop, and some dairying. More of those stork nest on power poles.



Mess on the top of the pole is a storks nest.


Waiting for the ferry to the spit.


 The spit is a stretch of land similar to Fraser Island, which runs parallel to the coast of Lithuania and Russia. Access to the spot is by a vehicle ferry at each end. The border is in the middle of the spit, with easy access fr Lothuania, but requiring a visa from the Russian end. At the border is the usual border gates and everything that goes with them. The spit is only 400 metres wide at this point. Away from the gates there are sticks in the ground with thin rope stretched between them. So much for high security. Just walk down the beach on either side. 

These are everywhere on the island.
this plinth tells us when Lithunania became a member of the EU.
Looking back towards the mainland of Lithunania.

Some of the houses in the village.

Cannot resist a sun going down over water.
Russian border control. apologies for the bluery imsge, but they fo not like you taking photos.

Baltic Sea on the ocean side of the spit.  

You never know what you are going to see.

More houses.  

Sculptures in the park on the foreshore.

Waiting for ferry back to the mainland.  

Sunset on the only skyscraper in sight.

On the road and headed toward Riga with an Aire camp at Saludus over night.

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