Tuesday, October 13.

Second day in this Lithuanian town. Heading to Trakai by bus on a guided tour, to visit Trakai Castle on the lake. 

 Another one of those tour guides. 

Tree sculpture which greets you as you arrive on the island.
Walking across the bridge to the castle.
  Views of the castle which only 45% survived the war.  
Central heating system which heated the castle through ducts in the walls.
  Barrel vaulting.  
  Artifacts found when restoring the castle.  
Hello down there.
Sugar bowl with a lock as sugar was a valuable resource.
Walking stick holder.
  Two tapestries and thrones.  

Finished walking through castle , so had a late lunch and the on the bus back to Vilnius. On the way out of Trakai we passed many traditional wooden houses. Interestingly, Trakai can only marry Trakai. You cannot become a Trakai, you must be born one. Trakai children are strapped to their beds every night. This is so they learn obedience.

Arrived back in Vilnius and headed to German street to send some cards home. We then headed to an exhibition of drawings and sculptures by Dali and ceramic works by Picasso, from a private collection. Some of them will be familiar.   
Some amazing artwork here and I had not seen any ceramics by Picasso before. Well worth the look.

Walked up to the only gate which is left from the original wall which enclosed the city.
Spotted this bronze statue celebrating their cheese on the way for coffee.


Some of the buildings in the Town Hall Square. Looked through one of the 45 churches in the city.   
Hot air balloons pop off every afternoon.    
More buildings in the square.0

Another church.

Beautiful frescos.   

Headed back to camp for a few quite beers and an early night as we are on the road again tomorrow.

One thought on “VILNIUS – DAY 2.

  1. Thanks for the tour of the castle! Impressive brickwork! And the carvings in the churches are marvellous… So thanks for the pictures of your travels Most likely the only way we will ever see those places!

    Keep happy and well…



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