Monday, October 12.

Walked into old town to the town square, and happened on a 2 hour walking tour starting in 10 minutes. Just love these walking tours. 

Headed off with guide to see what was on offer. It took us to some amazing places as the photos show. 


Statue from pagan times. Goddess of animals.
Sign saying that you are entering the republic which is located on the island in the old town. they have their own constitution and will pass almost anything within reason.
Republic parliament.
  Couple of Aussies touching the good luck pillar. Yes it is cold.  
Neat way to revycle nottle tops.
Always a kid.
  River surrounding island.  
Unique art.
Tile mandella, opened by the Dali Lama.
The angel who protects the city.
  Lovely Gothic church.  
Wall of the infamous.


Cathedral and bell tower which used to be one of the bastions of the old city
  The inside of the cathedral.  
  Footprints of the person who stood at the end of the line where people joined hands between Vilnius, Riga and Tillen, to show their opposition to communist rule.  
Jumped on the hop on hop off buss for a different view.

part of the pld castle
Typical wooden house in the pld town.
Sculpture by the river.
Remains of the old castle on the hill.
Sports stadium which is not used anymore and no one can make a devision what to do with it.
  Walked to Venicular for ride to old fort for views of the city.  
Hot air balloon just popping off.
Views of the city from the old fort bastion.


Church on a church.
Sun going down over the city.
Dutch group from the camp singing in the street.
On the way back to Myrtle, we stopped off for dinner.

Just love beetroot soup.
This was a struggle.
Gothic church at night.

4 thoughts on “VILNUIS – 

  1. Now I know I can stay at home and believe I’ve actually been to all of these places. Your photographs are pretty comprehensive. Forecast I saw this morning says it could get snowy where you are! Love following your travels. Inspired


  2. Summer is coming on here, but it looks as if the winter cold has arrived there! And we were surprised by the lack of pedestrians! Was that true for the whole town? Can’t see you using those long coats back here!
    Keep well, (as we are!)



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