Friday, September 25.

Have to leave B&B this morning, so grabbed our gear and transported it out to Myrtle. Stopped off at Euroland for some groceries on the way. Four eat more than two. 

Gear dropped off, we headed back to town via bus and metro. In town we walked towards the Jewish quarter and on the way passed a group of cars on display, which were actually on a rally. Stopped for a look, some very interesting machines. 

 Onwards, we stopped at a restaurant for lunch and the onto the tour of the Jewish Quarter. 

Started at the Old/New Synagogue, one of the oldest in Europe, which is now a museum housing many artifacts from Synagogues which had been destroyed during the purging if the Jews.  

 Then onto the Maisel Synagogue from 1906,which houses an interactive display on the history of Jews in The Czech Republic and particularly Prague. This persecution has been going on for a very long time. The Germans just esculated it. 

 The most gob smacking was the Pinkas Synagogue, where the walls are covered with the names in alphabetical order of those Czheck Jews who were exterminated during the war. This was actually mind numbing and very teary. There were also examples of school work done by the children in Auschwitz, which were miraculously found in two suitcases after the war. 

Wander through the old Cemetry before being kicked out at 5.00, with daylight disappearing. 

Finished here, Sarah had a suggestion for dinner, food again. Lonely Planet spoke of the No 1 restaurant for Fish and Chips in Prague, so off we toddled to find it. Arrived there and low and behold, it was Mistral, the same restaurant Cam and Jenny had taken us to a couple of days ago. On the way we parked dome amazing buildings and a VW Beetle which had been chopped.  

 We all had the fish and chips with pepper mayo before heading back to Myrtle all rather exhausted. There was another Contiki Tour bus parked outside the camp grounds when we arrived back. More Kiwis and Aussies.

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