Friday, September 26

There is an apple tree beside Myrtle so Lynton picked some for breakfast. They were very nice.

Today we are heading to Prasky Hrad, Prague Castle and it’s precinct. Decided to catch the camp shuttle to train station for a change. Waited a while for the train and then on Metro to castle precinct. 

Morning tea at the Castle Riding School, where we could see them re-tiling the roof of the stables without harnesses. Some five stories up on a very steep roof. 

Wander through the gardens before purchasing tickets. 

Off into castle complex, and found a lovely eatery so decided to have lunch prior to entering the cathedral. That done we headed for the St Vitus Cathedral and the queue that was there previously had disappeared. 

On to St George Basillica fro the 10th Century. 

Ventured down Golden Lane where the buildings were actually part of the Castle walls. 

Checked out the old Royal Palace.  

 Place was beginning to close so we headed for the ramparts to take some shots of the city. 

Walked down to metro and jumped off at Wenceslas Square wher we had dinner before heading back to Myrtle. 


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