Wednesday, September 9.

Headed for Pisa this morning with Dom driving. Due to the twisty nature of the road leading back up to the freeway, TomTom became confused and sent us the wrong way  up an even windier road. Back tracking we found the motorway and we were on our way. 

Morning tea we changed drivers and I headed the last 100kms into Pisa. The last bit through narrow streets where we finally found a park about 500 metres from the tower. Paid the meter €3.50 and the boy €5.00 to look after Myrtle and top up the meter if need be. 

Of to the leaning tower, which is actually the bell tower for the church. We purchased tickets to climb the tower and visit the baptistry. While we waited for our allocated time we looked through the church which was amazing. 

We then headed for the babyistry, which is where Galileo developed his Pendulum Theory by watching the enormous chandelier swinging. The baptistry is huge with a 50 metre diameter dome, which is 50 metres high. This has resulted in the building having an unbelievable echo, which was demonstrated by a lady standing in the middle of the floor and producing simple notes which were then reproduced by the building in a chain reaction. Fascinating. Unfortunately video is too big to download.


This was so Denise could take a photo if the church through a gap in the mesh over the window.
Optical illusion, it looks as if the dome is off centre but it is’nt.
Next through the church.  

Taken through the gsp in the mesh from the Baptistry.
Now that leaning tower. 


Datum Pole is vertical
Check out the lean on the bell!!
Did i just climb that?
Bullets marks from WWII
Baptistry and Church
Views from the tower.    

After a thoroughly enjoyable day we left Pisa and headed for Florence, 80kms away. Found camp five kms from centre and settled in for the night.

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