Tuesday, September 7. 

Up early, Dom driving and headed for Cinque Terra, a series of five villages situated on the west coast of Italy, opposite to Venice. Arrived and found the camp, down a secluded one way lane in the village of Deiva Marina, a short train trip from Cinque Terra. 

Caught the shuttle bus to the train, and headed for the villages, Monterosso, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manerrola and Rio Maggiore, which are within two to three kms of each other. You can walk or catch the train between each. We do both. 

All of the villages are sitting on cliffs or steep inclines running down to the ocean. Real mountain goat country and very pretty.  

Beautiful scenery, lovely sunset and there was a religious festival on wher they lit thousands of tea candles, some in silk chutes which floated away on the breeze and thousands which were floating on the ocean.

Found a lovely restaurant for dinner, caught the train back to Deiva Marina, and as the last shuttle stopped at seven we walked the three kms back to camp and bed.

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