Thursday, September 10.

Caught the bus into town and had a quick spell on the hop on bus to orientate ourselves. Stopped at Fisole in the hills, which is currently being excavated for roman ruins including an amphitheatre. Lovely little church right on the town square.

Florence is on the Arno river, a roman city from 27BC. Left the bus and headed to the Duomo, a cathedral which is the tallest building in the city. The dome has a double shell, and is some sixty metres in diameter.    

 We then headed to the Galleria dell Academia, which houses the statue of David. What a wonderful piece of work and now you are allowed to take photos.   


A moder version of David destined for a museum in the US.



Dinner in Plaza Vecchio, where the copy of statue of David is located, along with many others. Also here is the Galleria deli Uffizi, which housese the worlds greatest collection of Italian Renaissanca Art. Su and I visited the seven years ago. 

 Dinner over we headed back to Myrtle

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