Tuesday, September,1.

Up early and headed out of Millau to take some shots of the Viaduct with the town in the foreground.  

Need to explain here the the Millsu Viaduct is the highest and longest viaduct in the world. It is not a bridge. It is over 2.4kms long and stands 895 feet above the valley floor. It is curved so the wind does not effect it, and was constructed on one side of the valley and gradually pushed out across the valley to sit on the enormous pillars holding it up. It cut a trip from the top on one side to the top on the other from two hours to ten minutes. The speed on the viaduct is limited to 60kph. 

To see and drive across this viaduct was truely special. 

Leaving here we headed towards Carcassonne, which started off as a Roman town in the 2nd century. Over time the buildings evolved and what is left today looks like it came straight out of a Disney movie. 


It was a hot day and we had to have a Knights Templar beer from the Monestry
 Left Carcassone and headed towards Oraispn where we would stay the night before heading for the Verdon Gorge tomorrow. Arrived at the camp ground to find it closed. Dom and I walked in to find a young couple sitting outside the office. The owners son and his girlfriend. She could speak a little English. They found the owner and after much sign language he decided that we could stay the night. Walking to the toilets later we could hear this humming noise and I thought it may be a wind turbine. Would check in the daylight.



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