Wednesday, September 2

Up early and checked on that humming noise last night. In the daylight we could see this huge sub station in the field next door. No wonder there was humming!😳

Headed off to the Verdon Gorge, which as we were in the bottom of a valley, required us to climb up the side of the valley in Myrtle in order to get to the gorge. Would make a great hill climb. 
  On top of the climb this plateau was covered in fields of rosemary. It went on for miles on both sides of the road.  
  Stopped at this little village for lunch.  
Drove around this beautiful lake in the mountains.

Arrived at the Verdon Gorge, which is second only in depth to the Grand Canyon. Driving along and through it was spectacular. Will let the photos tell the story. 

 Very beautiful. 

Headed for Atribes near Nice for the night. Dinner and then a walk along the beach, no sand just big pebbles. 


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