Sunday, September 13

Today is Denice’s birthday, so on the train to Sorrento where we are catching a train down the Amalfi Coast to Postiano and Amalfi with a cruise along the coast before returning. 

Arrived in Sorrento and met the guide who would be taking us for the day. Leila, who just happened to be the same guide we had earlier in our travels. She recognised us and we discovered that last time was her first day.  

On the bus and away we go. 


Scenery is amazing
Talk about packing them in
Need one of these
Stopped in Positano for morning tea. 

Then headed to Amalfi for cruise, lunch and some shopping. 


Roger Moore’s house
Lunch in town before boarding the bus back to Sorrento and train back to Pompeii.

Down to restaurant and delicious pizza for dinner before retiring.

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