Monday, August 24

As countries around here are very close we decided to take the Cook’s tour to Brugge, heading first to Aachen in Germany for morning tea, where we stopped of at the Deutsche St Jakobus Gesellschafte, a church dedicated to St James and the pilgrims of the Peligrino. 

 Next stop Maastricht in Germany for lunch. Wandered around old town and looked through a 12th century church before settling for lunch in the town square. Lovely good and a beautiful atmosphere. So far three countries and we have only travelled 137kms.

Time to be on the road to Brugge, a beautiful city on the western side of Belgium and north of the battlefield. Dom had is first experience at driving and it could not have been worse. High winds and it absolutely bucketed down. Arrived at the campsite which had its own lake, beach and water ski show. Huge too, as it took up both sides of the road. 

After a quiet dinner we all crashed into bed after a long day  on the road. 


  1. I’m wondering if it’s me. I’m struggling to read this and it is so frustrating. I’m searching for your post dated yesterday and the only ones I can access are from July?
    Hope you are having a brilliant time, wherever you are.
    I had a rugby match yesterday in Chester, so that was nearly a 400mile round trip and over a 12 hour day, mostly travelling.
    We took ‘Verity’ for a day out onto the beach at Alnmouth, Northumberland on Friday. We had a wonderful day out, as the weather was perfect for this time of year and it was so quiet after the holiday season.
    Keep travelling and come and see us when you ‘do’ this part of the world.
    Fraser and Lita


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