Sunday, August 23

The big day, up early and on our way to get our spot. Dilemma, could not find the tickets. We had them yesterday and put them in a safe place. Turned Myrtle upside down, but to no avail. Decision was made to purchase some more, so off we went. At the ticket box, after telling them our story, they told us to make a police report and they would replace them. Dom and Denise set of to do this while Su and I looked after the stuff. Gazz went to check the time on the phone to realize that he had left it in Myrtle on charge. Would need for photos so of Gazz goes to get phone. 

Sat on passengers seat to grab phone and what should fall out from under the seat but the b….y tickets. There is a god. Back to Su but run into Dom and Denise, with police report in hand for replacement tickets, and me with the originals. Arrived back to Su, gave her the news and realized it had been me who put the tickets there.😳😳 into circuit and headed for our spot. Crowded but stil had our spot.   



 Days racing was exciting in the Porsches, F3 and F2, but the F1’s were a procession. The atmosphere was unbelievable, as each time a driver came past from their country the crowd would erupt, especially the Italizns. Wonder what it will be like at Monza?

Racing over we walked back to the hospitality area for rehydration again before climbing that hill back to Myrtle for had been an enjoyable two days, and the atmosphere of being at one of the two most historical race circuits in the world was amazing. We had the chance to walk the circuit, but the entry was near the hospitality area at the end if the pits, and the first section of track is Eau Rouge, which is a chicane which they take flat out, blind all the way, and it rises 72 metres in half a kilometre. It was daunting standing at the bottom and looking up.

Back at Myrtle, and at 4.30, just like the weather man said, down it came. Pizza and more rehydration before turning in after two great days. 

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